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Having an extremely close relationship with his Mother has helped Arjan stay grounded and humble throughout his life. In order to become successful, many people have supported Arjan along his journey, and he is forever grateful. In order to continue to live selflessly, Arjan tries to give back as much as possible. Aside from giving to those that have given to him, Arjan is always willing to put his energy behind worthwhile causes. Below are just a sample of some of the Team Bhullar community initiatives:


*Arjan teamed up with the BC Lions for the federally and provincially funded “Ending Violence Against Women in BC” program. The message is to encourage males to “Be More Than A Bystander” in order to end violence against women. This has been especially important within the South Asian community as this issue ties in directly with South Asian cultural values and ideals.


*Arjan is also a member of the Esteem Team, which is a National Organization of athletes that works in the community in order to inspire the youth. The founder of the program was a wrestler (Chris Wilson) who initially inspired Arjan to become a wrestler with his story. Arjan is passionate about the Esteem Team, and hoping to give back to the same organization that inspired him as a child; as well as inspire the next generation.


*Arjan continues to devote his time to the Bhullar Sports Academy as a way to give back to Sport, and a way to encourage youth to live a healthy and meaningful life. Through various sport-related initiatives, Team Bhullar hopes to encourage communities to “Live life like a Champion”. Two schools currently exist in order to create World Champion athletes and encourage everyone to live a world champion lifestyle. One Academy is located in Arjans hometown of Richmond, BC, and the other in rural India. The first International School for the Bhullar Sports Academy was a project spear-headed by uncle Balkar after Arjans 2010 Commonwealth Games Gold Medal win. The school was built by the Bhullar family in their native village “Bhullar”, in District Jalandhar- as a way to give back to the homeland. The school continues to be free to use by all.


*Arjan also continues to give back to the Hugh McRoberts High School, having created the Dalbir Bhullar Athletic Scholarship soon after graduation. The scholarship is named in honour of his late uncle Dalbir Bhullar, who continues to be a part of Team Bhullar in spirit.

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