Arjan Singh Bhullar was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 13th, 1986 as the middle child to brother Jora and sister Jasmin. Wrestling has a history in the Bhullar family. Father Avtar was the first to excel in both the traditional Indian style of wrestling (Kushti) and Olympic style wrestling. All 10 Bhullar boys were eventually put through the same rigorous training regimen in the Bhullar “Akhara“ (gym), built on the family farm. Equipment was scarce and sympathy non-existent; while work ethic and a desire to become the best abundant. This was the unofficial beginning for Team Bhullar.

Arjan was never a natural athlete, but what he lacked in ability he made up for in hard work and an unrelenting competitiveness. Having trained exclusively with the family through high school, Arjan was able to win multiple provincial and national high school championships. He went on to wrestle for wrestling powerhouse Simon Fraser University on a scholarship, while pursuing a degree in Political Science. Simon Fraser allowed Arjan to compete in the Canadian University league (CIS) as well as an American University league (NAIA). Under the tutelage of Coach Justin Abdou and personal coach Nick Ugoalah, Arjan was able to win multiple national titles for Simon Fraser, as well as a Bronze medal at the University World Championships. Arjan was the first wrestler in history to win University national titles for the Canadian (CIS) and American (NAIA) leagues in the same year. Not only was he named the Best Wrestler of the tournament, he was also named Athlete of the Year at Simon Fraser.

BioWhile competing for Simon Fraser, Arjan was also able to make the Senior National Team and represent Canada around the world. Building upon his success at the University level, Arjan was able to have some early success while competing for Canada. He was named Wrestler of the Year in 2009 and followed that up with a dramatic Gold Medal performance in Delhi at the 2010 Commonwealth Games over the hometown hero from India. From the outset, Arjans goal was always to become a world champion. That was always the mindset, and the ultimate goal. Wrestling at the 2012 London Olympic Games (as the first ever Indian to represent Canada) in Freestyle Wrestling- the stage was set for the Grand Finale. Unfortunately things did not work out in Arjans favour as he lost on technical points to the eventual Bronze Medalist.

Being a true competitor and a champion in wrestling is one part of Arjans story- living every aspect of his life as a Champion, is something he continues to work towards. Knowing the world needs more than just an athlete, Arjan continues to be extremely passionate and devoted in the community. He has continually tried to donate his time, energy, and money towards various causes and non-profit organizations. Causes and organizations he truly believes can make a difference in Canada and abroad. Arjan believes his work outside of wrestling with various community initiatives is much needed and appreciated- and hopes THAT will be his lasting legacy. For more information, please see the “In the Community” section.

Athletic Highlights:

University World Championships Bronze Medalist

  • 2 time NAIA Champion (SFU Wrestling)
  • 2008 SFU Athlete of the Year
  • *Only wrestler in history to win both NAIA and CIS National Championships (SFU Wrestling). Also named Best Wrestler of the tournament.

  • 2008 Canadian Olympic Trials Champion
  • 2009 Canadian Wrestler of the Year
  • 2010 Commonwealth Games Champion
  • *Only Gold Medalist on Team Canada

  • 2011 Sport BC University Athlete of the Year
  • 2012 Olympian
  • *First wrestler of Indian heritage to represent Canada at the Olympic Games in Freestyle Wrestling

    *Recepient of a silver medal marking the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Presented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to select Canadians for their service to Canada


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